“As a fisher in Thailand you have rights!” this message emphasized in the video “Real Life of Fisherman”, among the many produced and disseminated in the context of ILO Ship to Shore Rights Project.

The video is a cartoon that portrays, in a simple and direct way, how work on a fishing boat should be, providing the main information about safe and healthy for workers on vessels. Other important tips on contracts, health insurance, minimum wages for fishers right, right of holidays, are well explained.



Ship to Shore Rights Project addresses four core objectives with special focus on Thailand’s key fishing and seafood regions: strengthen the legal, policy and regulatory framework in the fishing and seafood sectors; enhance the capacity of Government officers to effectively identify and take action against forced labour; improve compliance with the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (Core Labour Standards) in the seafood and fishing industries; support Workers, increasing capacity of unions and CSOs.Funded by the European Union, the ILO Ship to Shore Rights Project works with the Thai Government, employers’ organization, workers’ organization and buyers towards the prevention and reduction of unacceptable forms of work in Thailand’s fishing and seafood industries.