“The global migratory crisis cannot be ignored” has said Pope Francis during his visit in Thailand where he met the local authority, civil society and the diplomatic body at the Bangkok National Stadium. Many passages of his speech were focused on migratory routes which “constitute one of the characteristics of our time”. According to the Pope, this phenomenon represents one of the main moral issues to be faced by this generation. He continued stating that Thailand itself, renowned for its warm hospitality to migrants and refugees, has had to face this crisis due to the flight of refugees from neighbouring countries.

“I hope that the international community will act responsibly and with foresight once more. I wish that they will be able to solve the problems that cause this international exodus and promote a safe, orderly and regulated migration. May each nation set up effective devices aimed at protecting the dignity and the rights of refugees who have to face risks, uncertainty and the possibility of exploitation in the search for freedom and of a decent life for their families. It is not only about migrants but also about how we would like to portray our societies” claimed Pope Francis.

In addition, Pope Francis has further condemned each and every form of slavery, violence and abuse which women and children in particular are exposed to. He expressed his gratitude to the Thai government for its efforts in fighting this plague and also to every person and organization that works tirelessly to eradicate this evil and offer a path of dignity. The Pope concluded that “Today, more than ever, our societies need “artisans of hospitality”, men and women who take care of the undivided development of all peoples within a compassionate family who commits to living in justice, solidarity and fraternal harmony”.