Thailand is using yet again the help of technology to provide migrants with work permits. In fact, the renewal procedure will be almost entirely online based although migrant workers – together with their employers – will have to physically go to the labour centres to pay the fees of the permits.

Speeding up and easing the application process for a work permit is key as 1.2 million Myanmar nationals, 360,000 Cambodians and 86,000 Laotians contribute to Thailand’s workforce. Business visas, work permits, pink cards are among those documents needed to remain a regular migrant as well as for being authorized to work in Thailand. Regular migrant workers are extremely impacted by the changes in legislation regarding work permits. Laws with regards to this are in continuous evolution.

Currently, 1.6 million migrant workers hold pink cards which are ID cards given to migrants upon they register to work. These will have to be renewed prior to 31 March 2020. In view of the deadline for the renewal of work permits, authorities in Thailand have decided to reduce the paper work and have introduced an online application to aid both migrant workers and their employers in the process.

In order to proceed with the renewal of their work permits, migrant workers need to undergo a health check and bring with them seven other documents. This number has been substantially reduced considering that in the past they were meant to bring sixteen documents. Additionally, migrants need to be accompanied by their employers.

The renewal process of the work permit can be done in any of the 42 One-Stop Service (OSS) labour centres which are open every day until 31 March. Of these, four are in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. Migrant workers who fail to renew their work permit on time will have to return to their home countries and reapply from there. So far, not many workers have been to the labour centres to renew their work permits.

If you wish to receive more information on documents needed to migrate and while in Thailand visit this Migra-Info page on documents.