The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has recently launched a new set of documents to assist policy makers and practitioners with clear directions on how to provide assistance and protection to vulnerable migrants. The tools aim to support and improve the identification of vulnerabilities linked to migration, especially in cases of violence, exploitation and abuse.

“Migrants who have suffered violence, exploitation and abuse often struggle to access the help they need to recover,” said Mathieu Luciano, Head of IOM’s Assistance to Vulnerable Migrants Unit, in the press statement. “We are confident that this new guidance will support States, international organizations and non-governmental organizations in their efforts to improve the protection and assistance to migrants vulnerable to violence, exploitation and abuse, Luciano added.”

The suite of documents includes the following:

– The IOM Handbook on Protection and Assistance for Migrants Vulnerable to Violence, Exploitation and Abuse.

– IOM Guidance on Referral Mechanisms for the Protection and Assistance of Migrants Vulnerable to Violence, Exploitation and Abuse and Victims of Trafficking.

– IOM Guidance on Response Planning for Migrants Vulnerable to Violence, Exploitation and Abuse.

Access the IOM publications here