Migration Toolkit

In this section we share information and tools related to migration gained throughout our work with the communities, migrants and their families, local authorities, our partner NGOs, and research. Navigate through the panel of the MIGRATION TOOLKIT to find more information.

In Advocacy section we lay out our strategy and communication campaigns on awareness raising among potential migrants on the risks of irregular migration, improving safe migration channels, monitoring and advocating for the implementation of effective solutions by the governments.

Articles and Research section provides you with our observations from the field, as well as research papers written in collaboration with independent researchers. If you are interested in a particular issue, visit our TOPIC section, where we gather our materials organized in thematic categories.

LAWS offers you a summary of specific Country laws regarding the labour migration with up-to date information and links to ministerial prakas, whereas News and Events section is a summary of our activities in Cambodia, Thailand and other countries.

Are you a researcher or a journalist looking for specific information on migration? Reach out to us! We monitor our projects closely and gather data from the field and gladly cooperate with like-minded individuals who want to advocate rights of migrants.


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News and Events

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