MIG-RIGHT is a migration-centred project implemented in Cambodia and Thailand. Third in the series of migration projects, it focuses on the reinforcement of cross border collaboration to protect Cambodian migrants in Thailand. It supports the authorities of the two countries at different levels – from local to regional (ASEAN) – with training and networking activities to promote more appropriate policies and regulations for the prevention and protection of victims.

Adopting a gender-based perspective, this project is built around three important messages: Right – Respect – Dignity to better address actions of specific needs and constraints of vulnerable target groups.

RIGHT Raising awareness among Cambodian migrants about their rights and safe migration practices. Ensuring beneficiaries are aware of the risks connected to irregular migration.

RESPECT Informing about the current legal instruments to fight irregular migration, labour exploitation and human trafficking and to protect migrant workers. Strengthening Cambodian and Thai authorities’ capacity to enforce the legislation.

DIGNITY Promoting RIGHTS and RESPECT to the public. Raising awareness among EU and ASEAN institutions on trafficking in persons and labour exploitation. Empowering Civil Society Organizations and Non-governmental Organizations to advocate for migrants’ rights.

Following the methodology of previous projects, MIG-RIGHT activates community responses through self-help groups among migrants and the identification of social ambassadors, strengthens civil society organizations in their right-watching and advocacy actions, and increases public awareness of migrants’ rights through communication campaigns.

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Supporting and advocating Cambodian Migrant’s Rights in Thailand, Preventing Violations and Human Trafficking (EIDHR/2016/376-943)


Three provinces in Cambodia: Siem Reap, Battambang and Koh Kong and two in Thailand: Trat and Samut Prakan


Project aims at targeting 750,000 beneficiaries, in particular:

  • Cambodian migrants victims or potential victims of human trafficking and labor exploitation
  • Cambodian and Thai NGOs and CSOs, Thai employers’ representatives, schools
  • Local and National Authorities of the two target countries
  • ASEAN Members countries
  • General public of the target areas


January 2017 – August 2020


GVC Onlus (leading organization)
Partner Organizations: Legal Support for Children and Women (Cambodian) and Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation (Thai)
The project is developed in coordination with National Committee Counter Trafficking.

The project is co-funded by the European Union within the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights


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